i’m not promising anything

i feel like this blog is just me saying ‘hi i am back again’ and that i will promise to post more however i now realise that its not going to happen that easily. i finished year eleven a couple of weeks ago now and my exams finished a week after that and i have to say that i’m not ready. don’t get me wrong sometimes i love change but i’m going into sixth form without any of closest friends which some of them i have known for over 12 years. I’ve been having a lot of conflicts with my mind over these past few months, on and off, and i want to reach my full happiness again. those conflicts have been quite depressing ones and ones that have even been going on since the start of the school year. however i am trying to get through them little by little by going outside on walks more and doing more activities. i guess this is kind of helping also. releasing my feelings and thoughts is a good thing.

here’s to a new start!

on the other hand: this blog. i’m not promising that there will be regular posts as knowing me there probably won’t be but as i have weeks upon weeks off now i’m definitely considering it.

thank you for the support

anna x








the day at the beach

i decided to take a few photos at the beach on sunday and i thought that i would share them with you

motorbikes and the beach
we threw stones and pebbles on the beach. non of us were great at it
i beat my sister 7-4 at air hockey! whoop whoop
arcades are my favourite places at the beach.


walking along the beach
if u count a plastic wallet and a frozen bracelet a great win then…


hope you’ve all had a good week

– Anna x

mocks, exams, homework 

so… hi. its been months and months since I last posted due to the lack of determination and procrastination I have. I have decided to post a little about my exams ‘n’ that and how I did. 

english: 6 (basically the old B)

maths: 5 (high C) and I know I did rubbish but I did a lot better in the exams I did after that

science: A (im so happy!)


religious studies: A* (whoops)

art: C (im not amazing, trust me)

psychology: A (partyyyy)

so yeah overall i am pretty happy but we continue to get more and more homework and exams but the amount of homework doesn’t allow as to revise which i honestly think is stupid. 

i thought i would do a little update but i don’t think i will be very active but I’ll try! 

Hope you have a great day! 

– Anna x

What I’ve Been Doing For The Last 6 Months

So I promised you guys a post on what has been happening while I’ve been away so here it is.

  1. I posted a post (that sounds weird) called ‘Bucket List’ or something before I went and I said that I wanted to travel more as I had only been to Spain and Ireland ‘abroad’ and guess what I did! In March this year I went to Florida to go to Disneyworld and Universal Studios. This ticked off two of my things in what I want t0 do in my life list and I was so happy. It was amazing and I saw many characters and went on loads of the rides. That was fun.
  2. I went to a 5sos concert! I said in my last post that I liked 5sos and that I saw them in concert and this was it. I went the evening I got back from America so you know how much tired I was that night. I have to say this was one of the best nights of my life and I will never forget it.
  3. ps. this date was also the date TYLER OAKLEY FIRST REPLIED TO ME. yes I know it may not be that special to you but it is to me. he’s replied to me two times more since.
  4.  I met Tanya Burr in July! I also said in my ‘bucket list’ post that this was something I wanted to do and it happened. Some people may not know who she is. She’s a beauty vlogger on youtube that I watch and yes I did say beauty. I still watch them but I doesn’t mean to say I can do makeup. She may not be my favourite youtuber but she still makes me happy.
  5. I did 2 weeks of work experience. At the start of July and the end of June I had to do 2 weeks of work experience as the school makes us do it. I did mine at a local primary school but I was annoyed that I couldn’t do it at my old primary school 😦 However the experience was still great and I still want to be a primary school teacher when I’m older even though 3 other people from my year kinda made a bad impression at one point. haha not me though because I’m good :0
  6. I FINISHED YEAR 10. AND I GO BACK TO YEAR 11 IN 5 DAYS! IM SO HAPPY!                         not
  7. Other things happened during this time but I don’t really want to address it in this post as its kinda personal. Nothing bad.

Thank you so much for reading!


Anna x

My Favourite…


Wow two posts in one day!

This post is going to list all my favourites. Such as my favourite song, subject, food and so on …

Favourite subject…

Art  — many people are put off by art when you take art as a gcse but personally I wasn’t. I’m not the best artist and I definitely can’t draw well but it is enjoyable. Some may disagree but I took art as a gcse because it was my favourite subject and I didn’t want to get rid of something that I loved and have a boring next two years. Also I love the photography aspect of art the most and over the summer I have started to take more pictures as I barely took any throughout the school year. I’M IN LOVE!

p.s if any of you want to see my pictures in a post, please comment below because I would love to get some feedback on my photos.

Favourite food…

Chicken — if you follow me on twitter then you will know how much I love the stuff. I love everyway of cooking it (even though I can’t cook it) but if I had a favourite it would be chicken drumsticks and chicken curry… my heaven.

Favourite song…

I don’t have a favourite — I personally just listen to whatever is in the charts. But my favourite artist has to be Troye Sivan as he is an under appreciated guy and he writes amazing music and his singing is so good. If you have never heard of him then go and google him. I used to and still do watch him on youtube (I have done for 2 years now) and now that he has grown in popularity he has taken his music around to world and to many award shows and concerts. I am sad that he doesn’t make youtube videos as much anymore but I am so happy for him.

Also I have a favourite band and that is 5sos. Their music is a little different to Troye’s but I love it so much. They are, in my opinion, not the stereotypical boyband (they say they are a band which I think is true). They write and play all their own music and are amazing on stage <– I’ve seen them in concert. I first started listening to them when my friend showed the ‘She Looks So Perfect’ music video to me .I loved it!

Favourite season…

Autumn — Even though nothing really happen to me in autumn, I still love the season. I am not a big fan of heat and summer is not really the best for cold weather (well in the uk it may be different) but my birthday is in summer and its the end of school so I guess I can’t hate it. Spring also has it warm moments and nothing happens then so I’m not that keen on spring. Winter is a great month as I am a big fan of Christmas and I love every aspect of it, from having family time to the preparation to the food! Also winter is also quite cold and maybe a bit too cold for me so its kinda out. So that leaves <— lol I didn’t mean to have that pun in there ( leaves change in autumn, get it, no) autumn. I love jumpers and being cosy and I just love the feel of autumn. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween nor am I of going back to school but we can ignore them.

Favourite clothing item…

Jumpers in general — I love a good jumper and I do have a collection of them. I love jumpers because I need to be comfortable and I’m not the type of girl that likes to wear dresses/skirts/crop tops eg. I don’t like to show my skin which applies mostly to my legs and shoulders as I don’t feel comfortable showing my body and I’m not that confident with it. So when the end of summer comes around and they start selling jumpers and autumn is here: I’m so excited.

My favourite jumper would have to be Alfie Deyes’ merch jumper as it is so cosy and soft. The quality is really good and the price is amazing for the quality. I haven’t tried the rest of the clothing but I have been told it is just as good.

link to Alfie’s jumper and other merch —> http://pointlessblogshop.com/

A jumper that I really want is this jumper from topshop which I have been looking at for a while now but I don’t have the money and I also love the brand ‘Tee and Cake’ as I have a t-shirt from their brand as well and it is so cuteeee.

link to the jumper —> http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/brands-4210405/clothing-brands-4224272/airforce-sweatshirt-by-tee-cake-5758478?bi=0&ps=20

I’m not going to do all the things that the beauty gurus do and the typical teenage girl does and talk about makeup and beauty stuff because personally I’m not into all that kind of stuff so sorry not sorry but I’m not that kinda gal. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

I hope you are having/have had/ will have a great day!


Anna x


ps no.2 – I started this post 6 months ago and never finished it. sorry




I’m sorry!

I’ve been inactive for 6 months now and many of you may have gone with me. oops. But I’m back and I really want to start this blog up again but the old posts will still be up so you can take a look.

The reason why I stopped was because I was uninspired and I felt like I needed to have a break. I wanted my blog posts to be positive and helpful and I can’t do that if I’m not positive myself.


I think that I will do a separate post on what’s happened because there has been a lot happening!

So for now…and hopefully not for long



~Bucket List~

I’ve never really written a bucket list down but I’ve always wanted do and things that I’ve just added. When I was 6, the list probably would have consisted of meeting the Tweenies (which I did haha) and Meeting Peppa Pig! But this is my current bucket list: 
1. Meet My Favourite YouTubers- I really want to meet as many people as I can this year but as I live in a village in an area that YouTubers don’t really go. That’s kinda hard. The closest place I could go is either London or Milton Keynes. However my parents would never take me there and I can’t go to London on my own on a train. But if I could I would want to meet Alfie, Zoe, Joe, Connor and Tyler. Loads more as well of course. 
2.Meet My Internet Friends- This is the same situation as meeting YouTubers and my parents would never let me meet a person that I have never met in real life before. I haven’t told them that I chat to others either. But I’ve met so many people online and I become close to so many and it would be a dream to meet them. If I can’t meet them this year then next year for sure! 

3.Go in a photobooth or have a caricature draw me- I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to go in a photobooth with my friends and have lots of fun. Also I’ve always wanted my face to be done in a weird way. Also I guess that it just memories. I love having pictures and things to look back on! I never throw anything away which may lead me to be a hoarder in the future. Sorry future husband 😂

4.Travel the World- I love going new places and seeing the sights. I’ve only been to Spain and Ireland out of The UK and in Spain I have only been to a small area. I would to see cultures that are different to mine as the UK is kinda boring. I love the USA and Australia! Also New Zealand seems so cool. I just want to go everywhere!

That is it for close (ish) future but I have lots more small things that I want to do. Whoever is reading this make sure that you set goals and try and make sure you do things that make you happy. Treat yourself! Don’t always think about others. When you are old, you want to look back and feel that you have had a happy and joyful life with dreams that you have set completed not to have a bunch of regrets. But make sure they are realistic! 
Thanks for reading this post! If you enjoyed it make sure to like and follow my blog X If you have any requests or opinions on my blog, please comment below. I love receiving feedback X

Do More What Makes YOU Happy

Love you all, Byeeee!

-Anna X

Q and A!

Welcome back!

I thought today that I would post Q&A post so that you guys can get to know me a bit better. So I asked for questions on twitter and this is the response:

Who is your favourite youtuber? – Abbie

I can’t really choose one favourite youtuber as I love so many so these are top few:

Alfie Deyes: I love this dude so much and probably one of the top contenders. He is so caring and works so hard to get vlogs finished on time or to meet us and even if he doesn’t do this, he apologises for it but he doesn’t need to. He cares so much about his fans  and never fails to put a smile on my face. He is the first youtuber I started watching and I haven’t stopped loving him.

Zoe Sugg: I love her so freaking much! She is like a big sister I never had. She is funny, caring to all her fans, hardworking and never fails to put me in a happy mood. Even though she suffers with anxiety she still does her best for us and doesn’t let us down. She has helped me understand social anxiety and come to terms that I may have social anxiety. Thank you Zoe! (even though she probably not reading this)

Some of my other favourites are: Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee and Oli White for making me laugh so much, Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa for putting a smile on my face (I want a hug queen!), Connor Franta for the amazing photography and messages you give in your videos, Louise and Tanya for helping me with my confidence, Marcus and Jim for being fabulous, Grace, Colleen and Lily for showing me that just because I’m a women I can do whatever I wanna do!, Dan and Phil for being god damn amazing and funny, Saccone-Jolys for making me so happy with your vlogs and finally little Troye for making amazing music and for being so cute.

There are so many more that I haven’t mentioned but I need to get onto the next question haha!

Favourite Animal? – Amy

I don’t really have one but it used to be owls and meerkats but when I was really little I used to keep a book with my favourite animals in rank order and my favourite was a zebra!

Who’s your favourite person ever? – Lexie

Not you. Joking! You’re one of my favourite people and let it stay that way. Love you best friend x

Favourite sweet food?- Bella

Does chicken count! HAHA. Mine would have to be chocolate, especially Malteasers or Galaxy yum!, or cookies

Favourite school subject?- Bella

Probably Art because I love that we get to do what we want and add our own spin on things. It is also more relaxing as we get to talk to others which is good. I’m not good at it though!

Favourite Song right now?- Bella

I don’t really have a favourite but I’m loving Stiches by Shawn Mendes, Sounds Good Feels Good album by 5sos and Marcus Butler’s new song I’m Famous!

Thanks for all the questions guys and for reading my blog! Please comment dowm below any blog post ideas you want me to do x

See you later soon

-Anna x





Hello Everyone!

Hello Everybody and Welcome to my Blog!

I never thought I would say that I have a blog. The reason why: I am a very lazy person who likes to procrastinate by going on Twitter and stalking my favourite youtubers. But as it is the new year, well kind of, I thought I would trying something new.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog or even a YouTube channel. I did start a YouTube channel however I only upload when I want to and it is like a personal safe for me to look back on when I’m old and wise. Well probably not wise. Also I only upload because I like a good hobby ;however, me being me, I don’t stick to them! Hopefully my blog will be more successful than my YouTube channel.

I’m a very shy person in real life and I don’t talk to lots of people other than my closest friends so I feel that having a blog is a way of  communicating to others but not talking to them.I also have low self esteem and confidence. I feel like I’m being judged by people every time I move, speak, come into the  room. I never really tell anyone this, not even my best friends that I’ve known for over 10 years or my family but I feel that I’ve got social anxiety. I don’t think I do because I don’t suffer with panic attacks as I’ve only had 1 or 2 and I feel others may have it worse. I’m in this state of confusion.

Anyway, I think I’ve opened up a bit to much in my first blog and I’ll save the rest for another time. But thank you for reading (if there is someone reading this).

Hope you have a good day!

Love you all x