pride month

for many of you this post may not interest you but i assure you to please continue reading

i am bisexual and there’s no doubt about it. i have been for my whole life but only really knew something was different when i was around 13. i had crushes on females but i never knew they were crushes until now. i just thought that i wanted be really good friends with them like really good friends but this mostly happened with teachers which to me is quite disturbing if i think about it. however i have had crushes on boys and had the odd celebrity crush or two. i mean how can you not fall for luke hemmings!

anyway i’d like to use this post to talk about pride month. pride to me has always been this idea of unity and how through all the prejudice views and discrimination that we still out here strong. pride isn’t just a bunch of gays running around on buses and streets. pride is about how we are still fighting this battle. yes many countries have same-sex marriage but that doesn’t stop the fact that people are still getting killed and discriminated in the workplace for being themselves. even the ‘president’ of the usa. the one that is meant to do the best for the country is not allowing those of the trans community  to go to the bathroom they want to. i’m not even sure whether theresa may is for same-sex couples.

furthermore pride is about celebrating EVERYONE in the lgbtq+ community. asexuals and aromantics, demisexuals, pansexuals, biromantics, the people of colour, immigrants, muslims. i could go on but even within the community there is discrimination such as bisexuals are just ‘figuring things out’ and that male bisexual men are gay and bisexual women are straight. bisexuals apparently are also greedy etc. the ace community just ‘haven’t found the right one’ yet. the feminine gay men that are giving them a bad name. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND THIS! you yourself have gone through the prejudice views and now you’re giving it to the people in the same community!

there’s so much more that i’d like to talk about but i don’t want to ramble. however if you are straight and you’re reading this i would like to thank you for being an ally. the lgbtq+ community can’t get through this alone and having good allies that support and stand up for our rights is amazing. by reading this it has shows that you want to listen and learn where some may not even do that. feel free to go to pride. i invite you but just note that this is the time to celebrate us for just a month or so.

thank you for the support

anna x



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