i’m not promising anything

i feel like this blog is just me saying ‘hi i am back again’ and that i will promise to post more however i now realise that its not going to happen that easily. i finished year eleven a couple of weeks ago now and my exams finished a week after that and i have to say that i’m not ready. don’t get me wrong sometimes i love change but i’m going into sixth form without any of closest friends which some of them i have known for over 12 years. I’ve been having a lot of conflicts with my mind over these past few months, on and off, and i want to reach my full happiness again. those conflicts have been quite depressing ones and ones that have even been going on since the start of the school year. however i am trying to get through them little by little by going outside on walks more and doing more activities. i guess this is kind of helping also. releasing my feelings and thoughts is a good thing.

here’s to a new start!

on the other hand: this blog. i’m not promising that there will be regular posts as knowing me there probably won’t be but as i have weeks upon weeks off now i’m definitely considering it.

thank you for the support

anna x








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