My Favourite…


Wow two posts in one day!

This post is going to list all my favourites. Such as my favourite song, subject, food and so on …

Favourite subject…

Art  — many people are put off by art when you take art as a gcse but personally I wasn’t. I’m not the best artist and I definitely can’t draw well but it is enjoyable. Some may disagree but I took art as a gcse because it was my favourite subject and I didn’t want to get rid of something that I loved and have a boring next two years. Also I love the photography aspect of art the most and over the summer I have started to take more pictures as I barely took any throughout the school year. I’M IN LOVE!

p.s if any of you want to see my pictures in a post, please comment below because I would love to get some feedback on my photos.

Favourite food…

Chicken — if you follow me on twitter then you will know how much I love the stuff. I love everyway of cooking it (even though I can’t cook it) but if I had a favourite it would be chicken drumsticks and chicken curry… my heaven.

Favourite song…

I don’t have a favourite — I personally just listen to whatever is in the charts. But my favourite artist has to be Troye Sivan as he is an under appreciated guy and he writes amazing music and his singing is so good. If you have never heard of him then go and google him. I used to and still do watch him on youtube (I have done for 2 years now) and now that he has grown in popularity he has taken his music around to world and to many award shows and concerts. I am sad that he doesn’t make youtube videos as much anymore but I am so happy for him.

Also I have a favourite band and that is 5sos. Their music is a little different to Troye’s but I love it so much. They are, in my opinion, not the stereotypical boyband (they say they are a band which I think is true). They write and play all their own music and are amazing on stage <– I’ve seen them in concert. I first started listening to them when my friend showed the ‘She Looks So Perfect’ music video to me .I loved it!

Favourite season…

Autumn — Even though nothing really happen to me in autumn, I still love the season. I am not a big fan of heat and summer is not really the best for cold weather (well in the uk it may be different) but my birthday is in summer and its the end of school so I guess I can’t hate it. Spring also has it warm moments and nothing happens then so I’m not that keen on spring. Winter is a great month as I am a big fan of Christmas and I love every aspect of it, from having family time to the preparation to the food! Also winter is also quite cold and maybe a bit too cold for me so its kinda out. So that leaves <— lol I didn’t mean to have that pun in there ( leaves change in autumn, get it, no) autumn. I love jumpers and being cosy and I just love the feel of autumn. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween nor am I of going back to school but we can ignore them.

Favourite clothing item…

Jumpers in general — I love a good jumper and I do have a collection of them. I love jumpers because I need to be comfortable and I’m not the type of girl that likes to wear dresses/skirts/crop tops eg. I don’t like to show my skin which applies mostly to my legs and shoulders as I don’t feel comfortable showing my body and I’m not that confident with it. So when the end of summer comes around and they start selling jumpers and autumn is here: I’m so excited.

My favourite jumper would have to be Alfie Deyes’ merch jumper as it is so cosy and soft. The quality is really good and the price is amazing for the quality. I haven’t tried the rest of the clothing but I have been told it is just as good.

link to Alfie’s jumper and other merch —>

A jumper that I really want is this jumper from topshop which I have been looking at for a while now but I don’t have the money and I also love the brand ‘Tee and Cake’ as I have a t-shirt from their brand as well and it is so cuteeee.

link to the jumper —>

I’m not going to do all the things that the beauty gurus do and the typical teenage girl does and talk about makeup and beauty stuff because personally I’m not into all that kind of stuff so sorry not sorry but I’m not that kinda gal. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

I hope you are having/have had/ will have a great day!


Anna x


ps no.2 – I started this post 6 months ago and never finished it. sorry




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