~Bucket List~

I’ve never really written a bucket list down but I’ve always wanted do and things that I’ve just added. When I was 6, the list probably would have consisted of meeting the Tweenies (which I did haha) and Meeting Peppa Pig! But this is my current bucket list: 
1. Meet My Favourite YouTubers- I really want to meet as many people as I can this year but as I live in a village in an area that YouTubers don’t really go. That’s kinda hard. The closest place I could go is either London or Milton Keynes. However my parents would never take me there and I can’t go to London on my own on a train. But if I could I would want to meet Alfie, Zoe, Joe, Connor and Tyler. Loads more as well of course. 
2.Meet My Internet Friends- This is the same situation as meeting YouTubers and my parents would never let me meet a person that I have never met in real life before. I haven’t told them that I chat to others either. But I’ve met so many people online and I become close to so many and it would be a dream to meet them. If I can’t meet them this year then next year for sure! 

3.Go in a photobooth or have a caricature draw me- I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to go in a photobooth with my friends and have lots of fun. Also I’ve always wanted my face to be done in a weird way. Also I guess that it just memories. I love having pictures and things to look back on! I never throw anything away which may lead me to be a hoarder in the future. Sorry future husband 😂

4.Travel the World- I love going new places and seeing the sights. I’ve only been to Spain and Ireland out of The UK and in Spain I have only been to a small area. I would to see cultures that are different to mine as the UK is kinda boring. I love the USA and Australia! Also New Zealand seems so cool. I just want to go everywhere!

That is it for close (ish) future but I have lots more small things that I want to do. Whoever is reading this make sure that you set goals and try and make sure you do things that make you happy. Treat yourself! Don’t always think about others. When you are old, you want to look back and feel that you have had a happy and joyful life with dreams that you have set completed not to have a bunch of regrets. But make sure they are realistic! 
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Do More What Makes YOU Happy

Love you all, Byeeee!

-Anna X